Who we are

Nicolás García Mayor


    Nicolás García Mayor is an Argentine industrial designer focused in humanitarian development and preservation of the environment. He worked and lived in Europe conducting various architectural and design projects. Today his designs travel around the globe and are exposed in different parts of the world. Among other recognitions, in 2014 he was awarded by JCI with World TOYP for his contribution to children, world peace and Human Rights. According to the presidency of Argentina is a ‘pride for the country’.He is a consultant to the UN, various world governments, and conforms research groups with the CONICET in Argentina, Masdar Institute in Abu Dhabi, Nifeg (Nigeria Energy Future Group), Salzburg Seminar in Austria, among others. 

    Board of Directors

    • President: Nicolás García Mayor
    • Vice President: Olga Noemí Mayor
    • Secretary: Pamela Bigot
    • Treasurer:  Gustavo Roberto Grossi
    • Vocal: Maritza Perez
    • Vocal: Paula Munz
    • Vocal: Rodolfo Juan Dillon
    • Alternate Vocal: Marcelo Barreña
    • Account Holder Reviewer: Ariel Rodriguez
    • Alternate Accounts Reviewer: Carlos Maximiliano García
    • Emeritus Vocal: Alicia René Mayor
    • Legal Advisory: Dr. Anabel Oyhamburu
    • Social Advisory: Lic.Alfredo Grossi
    • Designers: Matías Nicolás Pastorini / Nuria Vega Bariani / María Inés Dettler